Eric Strachan, founder/president, has always had a passionate interest for finely built homes.  Even as a decorated Police Captain in Waterbury Connecticut, Eric knew that he wanted to take this passionate interest to the next level.  In 1984, while still on the Force, Eric began his then fledgling Custom Home Building business. In 2001, after 20 years on the Force, Eric retired and pursued his passion for Custom Home Building full time. 

Eric knew from the onset that he did not want to be considered a typical or average Home Builder.  He also knew that there were many people who believed that certain amenities in a custom built home were “reserved” for the biggest in square feet or budget.  It was the combination of these two realizations by Eric that became key to differentiating him from the rest.  Eric prides himself on providing the highest quality materials and features possible in his homes regardless of size or budget.  You will see similar amenities such as crown moldings, hardwood floors, raised panels, tile, etc.  available in all his designs.   

Upon meeting Eric for the first time, customers immediately sense a difference in his approach.  Eric takes the time to outline what is available in custom homes today for amenities as well as what is involved in the process of building your own custom home.  He will educate those customers who have little or no knowledge and update those with previous knowledge with the most current information and choices.  Eric is equally enthusiastic about giving both types of outlines.

Eric has the unique ability to help customers shape their dreams and visions into a tangible design.  This highly interactive process is also highly collaborative.  This is where Eric’s team comes into play.  Just as Eric has built hundreds of beautiful custom homes, he has also built the finest team of architects, contractors, and vendors.  Eric’s team is highly cohesive and accessible; he gets his key people involved very early in the process.  This synergistic approach creates an atmosphere of ideas and possibilities giving the customer options resulting in well thought designs that form fit the dreams and visions.  Eric’s team is just as skilled and cohesive on the execution of the final design through building the custom home.

Eric and his team build over 30 homes a year of all sizes and budgets, each one getting the same attention to detail.  Many custom homes are good, but excellence is in the details and that is just what you get with Eric Strachan Custom Home Builders….


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