"We are always very proud to say Eric Strachan built our home. Eric takes great care in his selection of subcontractors and the quality of materials. The end result is a beautifully crafted home. He is appreciative of his customers and we found that our satisfaction with the building process was his ultimate goal"
  Pat and Jim

"I am writing this letter of recommendation to tell all new home builders of the quality and perfection of Eric Strachan's custom homes. I found out about Eric through a friend who recently built a home by Strachan Homes and was fully satisfied with the whole process. At that time I was in the preliminary stages of finding a piece of property and also a house plan that was in my budget. I called Eric and the rest was history. He found us a beautiful lot, a great house plan, and a reasonable price to build this particular home.

The whole process was very nerve racking at first as you're probably finding out now, however Eric was available twenty-four seven for any questions or concerns I had. The outcome was great, the house is one of a kind, and Eric spares no expense when it comes to the quality of the fit and finish inside and outside. The fine details such as the crown moldings, wainscoting, wooden heat vents are just a small sample of the quality you receive when you have Eric Strachan build your home. I strongly recommend Eric to build your new home. You wont be sorry!"

Home Owner Pleased with Buyer

To the Editor:
This is a story which will prove there are still dedicated and quality builders in today’s times.
Out home was built eight months ago in Watertown in the beautiful Mt. Fair Farm development. During the construction, it was found that the storm drain for our lot was not located on our property.
Working around this, our builder, Eric Strachan, sought another way to drain the water from our home.
Three months after we moved in, water seeped into our basement through the sill of one of the basement windows. This situation occurred here more times during the next two months.
Eric Strachan was now only responsive to our phone calls, but he also was very concerned and caring about this situation. Eric appeared on the scene in a moment’s notice. Eric and his crew worked on fixing the problem.
The town became involved and aided in locating the storm drain for our home, which was on my neighbor’s property.
Well here it is, eight months at our new home and Eric Strachan is providing us with service that is not common in today’s times. Eric Strachan, at no expense to us, is digging 7-foot and 3-foot trenches in our yard to tie both the foundation drains and leader drains to the storm drain.
The will ensure us that all water will now drain to the catch basin in the middle of the road.
Eric Strachan is a dedicated and quality builder. Eric Stands behind his work and consistently responds to the needs of the homeowner.
Watertown, CT

"Eric Strachan build my home a few years back and my wife and I could not be more pleased with the results. The quality of work and attention to detail was heads above the other builders and homes that we looked at. I was so impressed with Eric and his staff that I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who is planning their dream home."

  Bill and Roseann

March 16, 2005

Dear Eric,

   I'm writing this letter to thank you for everything that you have done for us.

   The first house that you've built for us was beautiful. The team of professionals that help with all the steps during the construction was caring, dedicated, and produced high quality workmanship. After we moved in you visited us many times and have many generous details with us. For all of that I'm immensely grateful to you and to all those involved.

   We were so happy with your work that we entrusted you to build our second home. Thank you for being as professional and dedicated the second time around. Since we moved in you have been there any time we contacted you regarding questions or problems that may arise.

   We love our new home and we appreciate all the attention and services you have again provided us with in order for us to have such a luxurious home.

   Eric, we want you to know that if we ever build again we will be calling you to do the same outstanding job.

Thank you very much,

Josefa, Eduardo, Camelia & Gabriel
Eric Strachan Incorporated Custom Home Builders 203.509.2064